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When You Need AID

Our trained Medical Volunteers provide rescue and evacuation services 24/7/365 utilzing our award-winning recovery and medical triage services, Rescue MeTM automated dispatch system, as well as emergency action planning & training. – Chief of Medical LivingCrysis

When You Need FUEL

United Empire of Earth’s best organizations and independent Citizens rely on us for travel risk, crisis management, and duty of care compliance. – Chief of Science & Logistics Sarlacc


Obtaining a broad view of any situation, no matter how sensitive, gives you actionable intel and data to use or disseminate. Utilizing top-of-the-line manned and unmanned craft and sensors aids in achieving the mission at hand. – Chief of Security Saalfeld

When Your Organization Needs SLIPSTREAM

We offer a robust Discord Communication service that allows you to immediately request our Volunteer services without ever leaving your own organization’s server. 

We look forward to supporting your team, no questions asked. – Chief Executive Qualar