Want to add Slipstream to your Discord Server for quick and safe Rescue Requests?

[ STEP 1 ] – Invite the Dispatch Bot by clicking the button below. 

  • You must be the Server Owner / Administrator. 
  • Required Permissions for Setup: Send Messages, Manage Channels, SlashCommands, and Embed Links.

– UPDATING THE BOT? See the Updates section.

[ STEP 2] – Run the /externalserversetup command anywhere in your server. 

  • Slipstream Corporate will automatically create a Category called “Request A Rescue” and a channel called “Rescue Me”. 
  • You can rename/move the “Rescue Me” channel as you wish, and even delete the Category!

[ STEP 2 OPTIONAL]  – After Setup Permissions Requirement

  • After the setup command has been run, you can remove the “Manage Channels” and “Slash Commands” permissions from the Slipstream Corporate bot. 
  • This will limit Slipstream Corporate to being able to only interact in the #rescue-me channel in generates! 
  • DO NOT REMOVE “SEND MESSAGES OR EMBED LINKS”. It will break the dispatch system in your server.

[ STEP 3 ] – Just click the “Rescue Me” button and we’ll be there to help you and your members!



  • Updating the bot:
    • Give the bot the required permissions for Setup: Send Messages, Manage Channels, SlashCommands, and Embed Links.
    • Run the /externalserversetup command. 
    • Remove the old channel and category; rename or move the new Category and Channel as desired.
    • Remove permissions “Manage Channels” and “Slash Commands” as desired.
  • Slipstream is constantly updating the bot to better serve Citizens. 
  • Current Version of your bot will noted in the footer of the #rescue-me embedded messages.
  • Latest version will always be noted above.

[SUPPORT] – Join the Slipstream Discord

  • Ask for Bot Help @Chiefs