Slipstream Corporation does not tolerate any actions that may be deemed by any reasonable person to be intentionally taken to cause harm towards another person, specifically actions directed at a person’s Protected Traits. Protected Traits include beliefs (religion, faith, culture, sexual orientation/identity, political), genetics (race, sex, pregnancy, age, physical or mental disabilities), and class (wealth, veteran, nationality).

Slipstream Corporation does not tolerate any proposed, taken, or inferred acts of stalking, griefing, swatting, Denial of Service, or other malicious and illegal acts both physical and virtual, or otherwise against Cloud Imperium Games Terms of Service.

Slipstream is intended to be for all ages suitable to play Star Citizen, thus is intended for persons ages 13+. As such, Slipstream will not tolerate any overtly vulgar or sexual comments, either in our Discord servers, or in-game.Slipstream members shall, within Discord, ping or direct message @Chief Executive, @Chiefs, or @Assistant Chiefs, or send an email to, should they have an issue with another member or other item of note that requires moderation action and review.

Slipstream will address unacceptable conduct by communicating public or private warnings, or by removal or suspension of access to any or all of Slipstream Corporation systems and services, including, but not limited to: Volunteer Benefits, Discord Access, Rescue Requests. Initial violations will in most cases result in a warning being issued. Severe infractions will result in immediate suspension of access. It is at Slipstream’s discretion the severity of the penalty enforced.